Masterchef drinking game

So I've been watching Masterchef for a while now (mostly because it's just something I can sit down and turn my brain off for) and I thought it would make it more interesting to have a Masterchef drinking game. I prefer to use non-alcoholic drinks!

Please feel free to add comments to this as I'm sure I've missed a lot.

* indicates a suggestion that I found at

One drink if:
- Fire appears on screen, two if something catches fire that shouldn't. *
- A contestant worries about being sent home *
- A contestant says "I don't want to go home".
- A judge refers to some element of a dish as the hero or a cracker.*
-  Pasta dough or Mayo is made.*
- A judge makes a bad pun (very small sips for this or you'll be drunk or needing the bathroom within the first 10 minutes).
- George bounces up and down.
- A judge says "Should we try it?" or "Should we start eating?" or something along those lines.
- George says something grammatically incorrect.

Two drinks if:
- A contestant doesn't make their own ingredient from scratch (i.e. using ready-made breadcrumbs or pasta).
- One of the contestant comments negatively on another contestant's cooking.
A contestant uses the term "shattered, devastated or disappointed".

Three drinks if:
- A contestant forgets to turn on an oven/stove or leaves something in the freezer for too long.

Drink the whole bottle if:
Matt Preston breaks down in tears.
Matt Preston doesn't wear a cravat

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