Have you ever had a pile of books to read but can't decide which ones are worth the effort? Has a book been recommended to you by a friend - but you're not sure if they know your taste? Have you been reading reviews that promise a fantastic book that turns out to be rubbish? Have you read a series by an author that you like, then find out that their next series would be better off used as kindling?

Here at ReviewInk we are (or at the moment I am) here to help you avoid the aforementioned problems by reading the books and reviewing them for you!

If you like the books that I give positive ratings too, then perhaps you'll discover other authors to your taste. Alternatively, if you like the books I hate then you can use the reviews to direct your reading preferences. So you can't really lose.

The books that I like to read are mainly in the fantasy/sci-fi genre, but thanks to the lovely people at Dymocks I get to read some of the works by up-and-coming authors in other categories of fiction.

Happy reading!

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