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Hi everyone,
ReviewInk is undergoing a bit of a change from a website to a blog.
That way if things are busy and I don't have time to post a full review I can at least give some short comments on what I'm reading.


Have you ever had a pile of books to read but can't decide which ones are worth the effort? Has a book been recommended to you by a friend - but you're not sure if they know your taste? Have you been reading reviews that promise a fantastic book that turns out to be rubbish? Have you read a series by an author that you like, then find out that their next series would be better off used as kindling?

Here at ReviewInk we are (or at the moment I am) here to help you avoid the aforementioned problems by reading the books and reviewing them for you!

If you like the books that I give positive ratings too, then perhaps you'll discover other authors to your taste. Alternatively, if you like the books I hate then you can use the reviews to direct your reading preferences. So you can't really lose.

The books that I like to read are mainly in the fantasy/sci-fi genre, but thanks to the lovely people at Dymocks I get to read some of the works by up-and-coming authors in other categories of fiction.

Happy reading!


Please be aware that the reviews here are my opinion only. I try to show why a book was given a certain rating and not just say it was "good" or "bad". If any authors happen to visit this site, I'd appreciate it that you take my reviews in terms of constructive criticism and not "book-bashing" in any way, shape or form.

I also try to avoid spoilers, but sometimes you just have to use them. If I have to get into major spoilers in order to review the book properly I will provide a spoiler section or space.

If you enjoyed a book that I didn't, or vice versa then feel free to comment. Any offensive or non-topic comments will be deleted.