The History of ReviewInk

This is how it all began.....
Once upon a time, in a land called Australia, there was a girl who was seldom found without a book in her hand. Although she was sometimes tempted to throw the aforementioned book at people, she found it was much more fun to read it instead.

As she grew, the girl continued to read, and began to develop opinions on the various texts available. She joined a book-club to gain access to a wider range of concepts and other people's points of view.

In a gruelling journey, covering many kilometres, the girl became a member of as many libraries that she could find, to satiate her hunger for books. If she liked them, she would make the pilgramige to the nearest Bookstore Temple and add the texts to her growing collection. If she spied someone picking up a book that she'd read, the girl would volunteer her advice as to which texts would be worth buying.

But reading just wasn't enough....

In the course of the girl's frequent journies to the "Temple of Dymocks", she found a priestess who liked the same stories as she did. Together they approached the high priest and the girl was given the task of reading unproofed copies sent to the Temple, alongside the other priests.

Once the girl began reviewing books she found that not all of them were to her taste. The positive reviews (and books) were put on display, but limited in words due to space requirements. The negative reviews were more extensive, as the girl had more space to work with. These were returned inside the books that she disliked so that the other priests would know why she didn't like the book.

But it still wasn't enough....
The girl decided that she wanted to present her reviews to the world beyond the Temple - to expand her reviews and hopefully getting other people to add their views to hers.

It was then that she decided to create "ReviewInk" a blog that would:
1. Hold her book reviews
2. Get the reviews/opionions of other people regarding the books reviewed on the blog
3. Introduce new authors / new stories to those who have the same taste in books.

So welcome to ReviewInk, I hope you enjoy your reading experience!

Your reviewer,
Amy Gordon.

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